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Former Clients of Law Offices of Attorney Todd C. Buss

After your case was filed, our office provided you with a file-stamped copy of your entire Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules. When your case was discharged you should have received your discharge paper from the Court as well as an additional copy from our office. If you wish to obtain a replacement copy of your discharge paper or a single schedule (A-J) please send a $15.00 money order (no checks please) to:

Buss Law Offices, LLC
P.O. Box 70
Watertown, WI 53094

If you would like a complete copy of your Petition, Schedules and Discharge, please send a $35.00 money order (no checks please).

Please be sure to include a note in your envelope with your name, the attorney's name that handled your case, your case number and a current telephone number in case we have questions. Make sure to provide your current mailing address.

If you would like these documents e-mailed (in PDF format), please include your e-mail address. Sorry, faxed and/or fax requests will not be honored.

Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your copies. If you need the copies any sooner, an additional expediting fee will be charged.

**Please note, if your case was filed prior to 2004, we no longer have these documents in our archives.

If you need copies for cases filed in 2003 and earlier please contact the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - to obtain your documents.

Repairing your credit after receiving a discharge of debts through bankruptcy

Did you file your bankruptcy through our office and have you received a discharge of your debts? We recommend that you obtain your credit report to check for reporting inaccuracies. However, you should wait at least 90-120 days after you have been issued a discharge before pulling your credit reports.

If you find inaccuracies on your credit reports, simply follow the credit reporting agency instructions on how to file a dispute.

Remember: The key to rebuilding your credit is to pay ALL of your monthly bills on time, from this point forward!